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אביזרי אמבטיה עיצוב בית הקריסטל אנג'ל הגדר 4pcs

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US $85.69
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במלאי: 000 piece
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Wanna to show your own style through details in bathroom? Look at these exquisite 4 pieces bathroom accessories. They won’t disappoint you! The Bathroom set is made of high quality crystal, includes one soap dish, one toothbrush, one cup and one lotion dispenser. Four pieces wash gargle accessories set with clear crystal effect and brick wall pattern is elaborately designed by the famous household articles senior stylist. Reflecting contemporary fashion design style, bath accessory set is full of artistic lasting appeal, but also to human nature design. Best bath accessories wash gargle handle delicate, smooth and instruments of a complete set of the clever design masters series' mind. Our bathroom accessories are also very practical and can be used as fashionable household adornment eyeball of the place, show the host's elegance. Bath accessories are easy to clean and maintain. They would be top choice gift for your new decorated bathroom or for your friends.
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  • מאפיינים:

    • חומר:קריסטל
    • צבע:פוקסיה
    • גובה Dispenser קרם:18cm/7.1in
    • גובה מחזיק מברשת שיניים: 12cm/4.7in
    • גובה כוס: 12cm/4.7in
    • אורך כלי לסבון: 13cm/5.1in

    מפרט טכני:

    • Each piece of the bathroom accessories set has a decoration of gorgeous angel
    • Elaborate design, high quality crystal and fashion style are main obvious features of these bathroom accessories
    • Functional ceramic bathroom accessories are full of charm and very attractive, they matches well with different decoration style of your bathroom
    • Bath accessories are excellent attention to detail and such vibrant colors
    • Update the look of your bathroom with this stylish bathroom set
    • Keep your bathroom organized while also adding style with these luxury best bath accessories


     אביזרי אמבטיה עיצוב בית הקריסטל אנג'ל הגדר 4pcs

    • This set includes a tumbler, a lotion dispenser, a toothbrush holder and a soap dish

    אבזרים אמבטיה

    • An ideal way to keep toothbrushes organized as well as within arms reach with this holder

    סט רחצה

    • Brick wall pattern lotion dispenser with angle decor could be refilled

    Bath Accessorie

    • Image the effect when you put your favorite soap in the crystal clean soap dish

     אביזרי אמבטיה עיצוב בית הקריסטל אנג'ל הגדר 4pcsאבזרים אמבטיה

    • Crystal cup could be separated from angle base, and the base holder could be used as an ashtray

    סט רחצהHow to Reuse Toothbrush Holders

    Almost everyone has a toothbrush holder in the bathroom, but very few people have the same one for years. After redecorating, it gets tossed out and it is replaced with a new one. Instead of tossing it out, you can reuse it for several other purposes around your home.

    Bath Accessorie


    • Use it as a vase for silk flowers. Simply stick the stems in the holes and arrange it the way that you would like. Since the holes are usually stuck a bit apart, you may want to use a thicker, larger flower to compensate for the space between the holes. Since the holder is small, it won't take up much space on your table
    • Dry paintbrushes in it. After you wash the paint out, give them time to dry before you reuse them again. It is better to let them dry standing up then lying flat down. Put the handle in the hole and let the bristle part stick up in the air where it can dry thoroughly
    • Use it as a holder for your hair sticks. Hair sticks are great to have on hand for a quick hairstyle change. Instead of having them roll around on your dresser or getting lost, you can easily put them in the toothbrush holder to keep them in order
    • Make it into a pen and pencil holder. Since most toothbrush holders already have a nice design, they will do well to hold pens and pencils without looking tacky. It's small enough to fit on a desk and has enough holes to hold what you need
    • Transform it into a holder for your wooden spoons in the kitchen. Since the holes are already there, all you have to do is stick the ends of the wooden spoons into them and have them stand up
    • Create a holder for your incense. If you happen to be a fan of using incense, you can take the sticks out of the original package and stick them upright in the toothbrush holder. Obviously you can't light them while they're in there, but it makes a nice holder until you take the stick out and put it in the incense burner. Also, the sticks standing upright will make an interesting decoration, especially if the colors of the sticks complement the colors in the toothbrush holder

    חבילה כללה:

    • 1 x גביע
    • מתקן 1 X תחליב
    • 1 X מחזיק מברשת שיניים
    • צלחת סבון x 1

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00:00:00 10-10-2011 Money worthy product באופן כללי:  
  • מחשבות אחרות: These bath accessories are really money worthy. Looks nice and excellent designe let these special bathroom accessories so practical

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00:00:00 10-03-2011 גדול באופן כללי:  
  • מחשבות אחרות: Great bathroom accessories! I love these angels most. And the soap dish just looks like grapes, they decorated my bathroom to a great extent.

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קנה פריט זה על

00:00:00 09-30-2011 Glorious set באופן כללי:  
  • מחשבות אחרות: I ordered this bathroom set for my new house, They are glorious. clean crystal material, exquisite style. And the delivery is fast as well.

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